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Were here for GAGA always~
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Space Kitten by YuiMonsterBunny

Okay so, this is originally my image so the shit quality was my fault. You can see it's annoyingly, pixilated in some areas, but with t...

Many Points by YuiMonsterBunny

This one is very beautiful the ranges of colours are nice and playful. I'm guessing you did pointilism for this one? Which is hard to g...

Alice, I Believe You Are Drowning by YuiMonsterBunny

I again love this one, reason being there's a lot of colours being used and a lot of detail. I love the idea of using a bottle that is ...

Imitated Rope by YuiMonsterBunny

I'm sorry if this can be quite mean to your drawing, I don't want to give you a bad rating. Anyway I really do love this drawing I coul...


So basically my friend Jezz, shes at comic con I meant to meet her but I couldn't attend this year yet again, however, I will try extremely hard to go next year in May. So Jezz and I can't really talk on Facebook but we've been talking on Snapchat and shes just informed me how she almost broke her ankle because of her shoes being really fucking big xD So shes having fun xD She was trying to check her phone so let go of her friend who she was holding onto, and fell xD Sounds like fun :P I'm sorry though to those who wanted to meet me ;-; I WILL MEET YOU.

Anyway, that aside I forgot to do an update yesterday. I came into college extremely scared, I had a panic attack that I was literally forcing away xD It was awful xD So I sat down spoke to my friend Ellie and just calmed. Turns out it was because all I ate was pure sugar. Which wasn't clever xD I wanted more food but instead of my body saying that in a normal and nicer way it said to me, FUCK I NEED TO SHAAAAAAKE. So I shook xD  I calmed down after a while but it was awful for three hours. 

Yesterday was fun though, as in Maths class I was better at rounding numbers so Jade said "Pass the calculator to her!!" and so Ellie did.. To my face, she pushed it into my cheek and shes now laughing a little, so I looked at the screen and it said this: 

I showed Ellie and she's now laughing with me pretty hard xD So that was fun, at the end of the lesson though I must ask why boys do this??? So I showed Ellie and Jade where the toilet was and I over heard this from a boy, "Mines bigger than yours. 20 inches bruh, when its got a boner its 40 inches, it'll fuckin' eat you alive mate." NO WHY DID I JUST HEAR THIS. WHY DID I HEAR THAT. NO. STOP WHATS WRONG WITH YOU. ;-; If you try to use that to seduce people; I'm running. xD It was crazy xD

Now lets hear what Hoshi B had to say in Media about the cut she had.
Hoshi B: "I had a nightmare last night so I must've hurt myself in my sleep with my nails"
Me: "Aha maybe"
Hoshi B: "I nailed myself xD" 
Both of us just laugh a lot xD 

Want my Snapchat? Note me~ NO NUDES
- Love Alex/Jamie 
Not all superheros by YukiStorm1225
Not all superheros
Not all superheros should hide who they are, so why should you?  
LGBT poster~
THIS ALMOST KILLED MY FUCKING LAPTOP XD The ram memory almost filled xDD So you better like this ;D
- Love Alex/Jamie
Don't let me drown by YukiStorm1225
Don't let me drown
I look fucking high xD Anyway! Uh lets play a game, what gender do you think I am? xD 
No rude comments about that though. I do support all genders don't worry :3 
Significantly, without you, I am nothing. 
I am the dirt on the ground that everyone hates. 
I am the weed everyone kills. 
I am the outcast from the herd. 
I am the shadow but never the figure. 
I am the entity within the walls. 
I am the tears you always lose. 
I am the faded memories.

Significantly, with you, I am everything. 
I am the flower people admire. 
I am the part of the herd people would walk with.
I am the person who is loved. 
I am the person who will wipe those tears away. I am the treasured memories. 

I miss being significant to you. 
Ugh. Work xD I now have a job and theres a limit on the internet. Dear god save us all ;-;


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
About me~
Name: Alex/Jamie. Use whichever.
Age: 17
Location: United Kingdom.
Hobbies: Netflix, breathing and Tumblr.
Music choice: Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Paramore... Etc.
If you want to find me on other websites then you can, here we go.
Twitter: @ xion123456xxx
Facebook will only be given to friends, please don't ask for it.

Just a quick note :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: You CANNOT use my artwork without my permission first. If you wish to use it for your personal projects you MUST ask first. You also MUST ask before using any of my images for your backgrounds to websites such as Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube, Facebook cover photos need permission too.

WOAH WOAH HOLD UP~ (Black and white) (Colour version)
Erm, I drew Alex ^u^ by Carlazard Unicorn. :3 by Schemer66 Transgender Trigonometry by LaughingGurl :thumb369879212: Alex's Birthday Image by DancingXPencil :thumb381383456: :thumb383362354: Xion123456xxx GB by foxzysmile
Le wild alex and chocolate chicken by PusheenKat Naomily Blend - Commission for xion123456xxx by MsSkatespeare James X Alex (read desc) Preview by Prince-Nyth-Shade
Thanks guys for all of the art.

:iconjubsjeevasx: My friend Jezmia :3
:icontherealnerd: College friend :3
:iconinsomniac-corpse: YOU BE MY EVERYTHING D: I miss you by Romaji
:iconbatmaza: My awesome friend~
:iconepiccheesesandwich: My genderqueer buddy -raises glass at- WOO
:iconpusheenkat: Its the awesome Ivan man me loves ya! Keep being awesome
:icongothic88kitties: This girl is just, everything to me! She's my twinnie too~ :heart:
:iconyuimonsterbunny: Now you have two accounts I can stalk Cara, xD :iconstalkplz:
:iconamaroylis: My snuggle buddy~ :heart: Why are you so stunning? xD :icondesueyeplz: :icondesumouthplz::icondesueye2plz: Thats how I feel near you ;D I miss you by Romaji
:iconpurplechaos101: :heart: :heart: :heart: You're amazing, beautiful and a really good friend :P She's also me sleepyhead :P
:iconmsskatespeare: Your so gorgeous~ I.freaking.Adore.You xDDD
:iconcarlazard: This girl is amazing too~ She's so beautiful, and a great friend ;) *Whispers in ear* i fink u freeky an i like u a lot :P
:iconpaigerow1995: This girl is amazing! xD She's helped me through a lot :P :heart: :heart:
:iconnyan-naroto: My close friend ^^
:iconadrithedarkpet: Me awesome friend :3
:iconjemjem345: Your amazing at writing and your a good friend too ^^
:iconradioactive-ink: Your a good friend ^^ But I only like you for you're Canadian accent~~~~ :P
Awesome people:
:icontiddlertwiddles: Your an amazing friend ^^
:icongagauniverse: You have amazing gaga artwork ^^
:iconthe-shadow-dragoon: You sir! Are my uncle Dorkee therefore no you need explanation needed for you! heh ^^
:iconpyschadelicsnake: Your like a freaking god I love your walkthrough's man! Keep rocking. ^^
:iconnightofthehikari: You need no explanation ether as your like my mum hehe
:iconaplz: :iconlplz: :iconeplz: :iconxplz:

Haus of Gaga by felinicfox Konoka Setsuna Stamp by crystal-kyogre OH SNAP A NIPPLE by sambees I HEART MINECRAFT Stamp by MythrilAngel .::stamp::. catherine Fan by White-cherriuki Heavy Rain PS3 Stamp by Alexizor Friends Stamp by oopsy--daisy Red and Black love stamp by izka197 Red Dead Redemption Stamp by FronkDog I Heart Tea Stamp by croaky
I Judge Actions Stamp by NaMiKiTtIn:thumb175974849: Bully stamp by 5-3-10-4 L e s b i a n - S e n s e s by EtherealStardust I love my PS3 stamp by SteffieSilva Yellow ribbon by BlueRavenAngel Assassin's do it by KatzeBlue Free Hugs 2 Stamp by SpannedSoul :thumb188127635:
Kingdom Hearts Yaoi Stamp by naomi0kamaArrow in the Knee Stamp by SacredLugia Bully Stamp by decayandrubbish Gamer Girl Stamp by GabbyWonka Support Pride Stamp by pillze69 I love my Xbox stamp by SteffieSilva :thumb332556320: The Face by Cei-Ellem PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler Bring It On Stamp by SpannedSoul
Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan Yuri Stamp by Lead-Exile PSG Gaga stamp by xselfdestructive Cole Phelps Stamp by 4evergaara Emo-Zexion Stamp by ladychimera I love my Wii stamp by SteffieSilva Pusheen by Fyi-Sus Simon Curtis Stamp by Tsunaomi Period NOT needed to be Bitchy by Ashy666 Distracted Stamp by WetWithRain
Minecraft Stamp by Ymeisnot :thumb210700067: Die Antwoord by BoneSwag Lesbian stamp by TimelessReference :thumb278704361: Howls Moving Castle Stamp by SnapesImp I Love Rainbows Stamp by ClefairyKid Mirrors Edge Stamp by spud100 negima fan - stamp by Darkness-chan Skins - Naomi X Emily Stamp by Immortalmirror

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Lady Gaga at the Grammy's fanart. by YukiStorm1225
Lady Gaga - Black Eau De Parfum by YukiStorm1225

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