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Space Kitten by YuiMonsterBunny

Okay so, this is originally my image so the shit quality was my fault. You can see it's annoyingly, pixilated in some areas, but with t...

Many Points by YuiMonsterBunny

This one is very beautiful the ranges of colours are nice and playful. I'm guessing you did pointilism for this one? Which is hard to g...

Alice, I Believe You Are Drowning by YuiMonsterBunny

I again love this one, reason being there's a lot of colours being used and a lot of detail. I love the idea of using a bottle that is ...

Imitated Rope by YuiMonsterBunny

I'm sorry if this can be quite mean to your drawing, I don't want to give you a bad rating. Anyway I really do love this drawing I coul...


So today was my last day at college, I'm now off for two weeks. As its Easter, I was meant to do Thursday but college tutors said don't bother xD So I'm free to do what I wish :3 

I will make some more art over this time period along with videos as I really want to try and get this YouTube thing running. But, I'm also a bit busy with a personal project of mine. You see, its me and Ashlyn's third month together and so, I wanted to make a animation thing that's quick for our anniversary. So I'm working on art and things for that :3 

So, yeah, uh.. I was gonna write more but I've sorta forgotten what I was gonna say :P

I apologise for no recent art, and will see you guys soon :3

So today I need some hot chocolate powder as I need the happy hormone from it, we had ran out of it at home so I went to the shop with my sister, and so I went to the isle and grabbed it. I was fine, but I had a queue behind me, I had a large amount of coins and he said it was £2.53, I looked confused and as I lacked money I didn't know what to do. So I let the queue go ahead. A lady laughed at me, getting all shy as I have social anxiety. When the queue had gone, I then said, "Not to be rude, but the label said it was £1.49." He got all abrupt and stormed off, taking the label down. I turned and noticed this little girl, she was like what, 8? She was adorable. I allowed her to pay for her Freddo but the cashier demanded that I went first. He then charged me the correct amount, and I went out. 

I don't usually go out unless I have a reason too, and I needed the happy hormone chocolate releases. my period started so yeah xD So I went outside, in pain and for that to happen wasn't the greatest of things. 

On the plus side, I finished my Unit 40 short film. Here its is~


Bye guys :3
Would you, still be there if I lost my sight? Guide me through all of the darkness and pain that I can only feel, but not see. 
Would you still call my name if I lost my hearing? I'd watch you through the crowds and watch your lips as you call me. 
Would you still hold me if I'm at deaths door? Lingering onto every inch and shed of life that is obtainable; clutching you, leeching the heat you produce. Shaking and hardly breathing, longing your arms around you. 
Would you still kiss my forehead goodnight and tuck me into the warm? Allow me to hold you and kiss you when I'm scared. 

Would you do all of this for me? 
I'm breaking and shattering, how long before I'm broken and shattered? I'm scared at night without you but I feel okay with you. All I need is you to make me feel certain there should be no fear in the world that stops you from doing anything for me. So, answer me with all of your might and strength.. 

Would you? 
I hate working in groups with people who either do nothing or don't know anything. So me and HoshiB along with Kellie, the girl who added Ashlyn for no reason are working on like a 10 minute film, we were prepared ages ago and she broke her collarbone or something, which I can understand, she was still able to come in fully dressed and able to move though, we wanted to start but she never finished her risk assessment. She then took another random week off, leaving me and HoshiB to work alone for the start. We thought it would help. 

So anyway, shes then come in for one day? And forgot everything, she was off again. So we had to replace her, and she was really mad at us for it or thats how she came across. So we had a group meeting, half an hour later she asks okay so what have you done, I explained the first two parts and she said okay forget that, tell me what we haven't done. So I just said the ending, she just seemed so aggressive and then said thanks just because she only had to make her own fucking edit. 

So, you've left us to do all of the work so you can just sit and edit? I'd understand if we all had set roles like scriptwriter and actor, and if you were a scriptwriter you then don't need to act but no, in this idea you HAVE to do more than just edit. I understand shes been ill but we made a plan for this ages ago. 

Side note: I was speaking with Amelia and I'm 2 months clean from cutting all thanks to my baby Ashlyn <3 

Enough raging xD bye~


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
About me.
Name: Alex/Jamie. Use whichever.
Age: 17
Location: United Kingdom.
Relationship status: Taken. Stop asking.
Hobbies: Netflix, breathing and Tumblr.
Music choice: Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, Paramore... Etc.
If you want to find me on other websites then you can, here we go.
Twitter: @ xion123456xxx
Kik: Ask for it.
Facebook will only be given to friends, please don't ask for it.

Just a quick note :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: You CANNOT use my artwork without my permission first. If you wish to use it for your personal projects you MUST ask first. You also MUST ask before using any of my images for your backgrounds to websites such as Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube, Facebook cover photos need permission too.

WOAH WOAH HOLD UP~ (Black and white) (Colour version)
Erm, I drew Alex ^u^ by Carlazard Unicorn. :3 by Schemer66 Transgender Trigonometry by LaughingGurl :thumb369879212: Alex's Birthday Image by DancingXPencil :thumb381383456: :thumb383362354: Xion123456xxx GB by foxzysmile
Le wild alex and chocolate chicken by PusheenKat Naomily Blend - Commission for xion123456xxx by MsSkatespeare James X Alex (read desc) Preview by Prince-Nyth-Shade
Thanks guys for all of the art.

:iconjubsjeevasx: My friend Jezmia :3
:icontherealnerd: College friend :3
:iconinsomniac-corpse: YOU BE MY EVERYTHING D: I miss you by Romaji
:iconbatmaza: My awesome friend~
:iconepiccheesesandwich: My genderqueer buddy -raises glass at- WOO
:iconpusheenkat: Its the awesome Ivan man me loves ya! Keep being awesome
:iconyuimonsterbunny: Now you have two accounts I can stalk Cara, xD :iconstalkplz:
:iconpurplechaos101: :heart: :heart: :heart: You're amazing, beautiful and a really good friend :P She's also me sleepyhead :P
:iconmsskatespeare: Your so gorgeous~ I.freaking.Adore.You xDDD
:iconcarlazard: This girl is amazing too~ She's so beautiful, and a great friend ;) *Whispers in ear* i fink u freeky an i like u a lot :P
:iconpaigerow1995: This girl is amazing! xD She's helped me through a lot :P :heart: :heart:
:iconnyan-naroto: My close friend ^^
:iconadrithedarkpet: Me awesome friend :3
:iconjemjem345: Your amazing at writing and your a good friend too ^^
:iconradioactive-ink: Your a good friend ^^ But I only like you for you're Canadian accent~~~~ :P
Awesome people:
:icontiddlertwiddles: Your an amazing friend ^^
:iconthe-shadow-dragoon: You sir! Are my uncle Dorkee therefore no you need explanation needed for you! heh ^^
:iconnightofthehikari: You need no explanation ether as your like my mum hehe
:iconaplz: :iconlplz: :iconeplz: :iconxplz:

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Lady Gaga at the Grammy's fanart. by YukiStorm1225
Lady Gaga - Black Eau De Parfum by YukiStorm1225

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